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ABC's Lost Survey
If you were on lost who would you want to...
Be enemies with?:Fuckin sawyer or michael
Possibly kill?:see above
Kiss up to for favors or supplies?:Hurley
Share a spot in the cave with?:Hurley
Hook up with just once?:Libby..she was so cute
Help the most?:Libby
Would you ...
Go on the raft or stay on the island?:Island..boating expeditions rarely end well
Live in the caves or on the beach?:both
Open the hatch or leave it alone?:open it
Keep other's secrets or tell them?:keep them..and then use them to my advantage later on if it came to that
Know your blood type to help Boone?:Too late
Eat fish, boar, susi or just fruit?:fish and sushi and fruit
If it were up to you ...
What would you name Claire's baby?:aaron is a fine name..so keep it as it is
Who would get Kate, Jack or Sawyer?:jack..i can't stand sawyer
Would you side with Locke or Jack?:both..they both make valid points
The truth behind lost ...
What do you think is the secret of the island?:I seriously have no idea
What do you think the monster is?:the monster from cloverfield..or one of his species
Will they get off the island?:then the show would be over :(
Are the numbers really bad?:YES
Forget the show - what about you
If you were on an island with three people who would they be?:darla, johanna, and jeff
And you could bring three personal items?:i honestly have no idea
And what part of the world would your island be in?:australia
One final question ...
Who is your favorite character on the show?:Locke
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