Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (pale_n_morbid) wrote,
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Man, do i feel bad for my FRIEND stacy, who has been nothing but kind and sweet to me and pretty much anybody who has ever been friends with her. She gets shit talked by hypocritical liars who have nothing else going on in their lives to entertain them...let by a seriously sick and delusional ringleader who makes people up..gives them online personality's and pretends that they are real and uses them to prey on innocent girls feelings.

Seriously..this Mike..doesnt exist..I am 100 percent sure, and so are alot of people. This ben dude...doesnt exist either. Its fucking sick, sad, and pathetic...and anybody who is friends with this girl, is fucking pathetic or blind or both. So keep shit talking and backstabbing eachother and pretending that life is one long episode of sex and the city or that you are all characters in mean girls.

You three are seriously pathetic, sick, losers who totally deserve eachother.

and a little btw..its not the mark of a real and true friend if they are keeping up a charade to the point where you are attempting suicide over this fictional chap. So just a word of warning.
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